Provided below is a listing of forms and applications for the Alabama Licensure Board for Interpreters and Transliterators.
All documents listed here are provided in PDF format.


Initial Professional License
Initial Professional Permit
Initial Professional Deaf Permit
Provisional Permit
Apprentice Application Supervisor Form
Provisional Permit Recommendation Form
Proof of Citizenship Form
14-Day Practice Exemption Form


Online Renewals - Renew Online! (renewal period is open from February 15 – April 29 only)
Professional License Renewal Form
Professional Permit Renewal Form
Professional Deaf Permit Renewal
Limited Permit Renewal Form
Acceptable Continuing Education Hours


Replacement License/Permit Request Form
Change of Information Form


Complaint Form

The Board does not accept applications via email or fax. The Board only accepts initial applications via mail.

Please submit to the following:

Alabama Board of Interpreters and Transliterators
2777 Zelda Rd
Montgomery, AL 36106