Rules and Regulations


488-X-1 - Rules and Regulations (Full Document)

488-X-1-00 Definitions
488-X-1-01 Continuing Education Program
488-X-1-02 Fees
488-X-1-03 Board Meetings
488-X-1-04 Licensure-Permit Limitations
488-X-1-05 Application For License Or Permit Issuance Rejection
488-X-1-06 License Required Application Issuance Renewal
488-X-1-07 Initial Professional License
488-X-1-08 Renewal Of License
488-X-1-09 Reinstatement Of Licensure
488-X-1-10 Permit To Practice Renewal Ethics Examination Lapse Of Renewal
488-X-1-11 Initial Permit
488-X-1-12 Permit Renewal
488-X-1-13 Non-Renewable Permits
488-X-1-14 Reinstatement Of Permit
488-X-1-15 Exemptions
488-X-1-16 Reciprocity
488-X-1-17 Complaint Procedures
488-X-1-18 Code Of Professional Conduct


Chapter 488-X-1
Code of Ethics


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34-16-1 Short Title construction
34-16-2 Legislative Intent
34-16-3 Definitions
34-16-4 Licensure Board for Interpreters and Transliterators--Creation comp
34-16-5 License Required Application Issuance Renewal
34-16-6 Permit To Practice Renewal Ethics examination lapse of permit
34-16-7 Exemptions
34-16-8 Reciprocity agreements authorized
34-16-9 Annual fee fund
34-16-10 Application for license or permit issuance rejection
34-16-11 Charges of fraud deceit etc against holder of license or permit hear
34-16-12 Rules and regulations
34-16-13 Violations penalties
34-16-14 Actions by board to recover damages liability of board members
34-16-15 Notification of conviction or pending civil action breach of profess.pdf
34-16-16 Sunset provision